Mountain Giant PR

Mountain Giant PR - your guide to the top

Mountain Giant PR is an international public relations agency, specialized in the video games industry. Founded in Edinburgh, Scotland, the passionate team has helped launch hundreds of products throughout their careers. They help game developers and publishers to get their game in front of the right people not just somehow but at the right time. Apart from that, Mountain Giant PR is a growing hub for resources on how to get started in the gaming industry and how to successfully launch a game.

be there when players look for your game

Public Relations is our specialty and passion: There simply is no better feeling than connecting the right people with the game they have always been looking for. It does not matter if it is through press, streamers, influencers, social media or community work. The perfect audience is out there so the team will find a way to talk to them about your game. Let’s plays, livestreams, reviews, previews – Everybody picks their games to play from somewhere. The team will make sure you are already there when they are looking for their next level gaming experience.

Mountain Giant PR - A team passionate about your game

The team behind Mountain Giant PR is not just experienced. They are good at what they do because they are passionate about and invested in the games they work on. Because they are gamers themselves, they know exactly where the customer journey begins and about the common pitfalls of games marketing. They worked on everything from AAA blockbusters to indie gems. Every game has a matching audience and the team is happy to bring them together.

Mountain Giant PR does operate from the UK. The services do cover other territories as well, among them Germany, Austria, Swiss (GSA), France, Italy, Spain, US, South America and many more.
You can’t wait to get going? Drop us an email at and we’ll be in touch. We can’t wait to hear about your game!

Supporting the future of games

Good preparation and someone to guide your first steps can make all the difference to a journey.

Therefore, we have joined the Video Games Ambassadors program to help give young people an insight into the gaming industry and help them decide on a trail. With the opportunity to speak at schools and universities, be part of game jams and workshops or digital mentorships, we think the organisers have created an amazing environment for future members of this incredible community.

Big thanks to the cool teachers and profs reaching out to us, as well as ukie, intogames, BAFTA Young Game Designers, Digital Schoolhouse, NextGen Skills Academy and all other partners!